Costa Rica hiking is simply a fantastic way to experience the treasures this country has to offer. As you explore different habitats while hiking in Costa Rica, you will immerse yourself in exuberant vegetation, observe nature teeming with life all around you and encounter wildlife ‘welcoming’ you.

  • Cost: 40$ per person
  • 6+ person: 30$ per person

Costa Rica hiking is the way to experience what our nature and biodiversity have to offer, inviting all true nature enthusiasts to commune with the pristine environments that you will explore while hiking in Costa Rica.

Hiking in Costa Rica does not get any better than doing so at Selva Bananito Ecolodge.

We guarantee memorable experiences while scouting out our old growth primary forests. We limit the size of any group to no more than six or eight guests at any given time on any given trail. This way we guarantee the natural experience, guided by very knowledgeable guides that will explain to you the importance and significance of rain forest conservation and will spot for you all those little and hidden life forms, that are difficult to spot on your own.

Costa Rica hiking as exemplified by Selva Bananito, guided by experienced guides in small groups and according to your fitness conditions is truly the best way to get in touch with your spirit, mind, and body, surrounded by untouched nature.

At Selva Bananito Ecolodge & Reserve, we cater to all hikers alike, from beginners to intermediate levels all the way to advanced levels of hiking. We invite you to find out for yourself why at Selva Bananito we offer the best hiking in Costa Rica. We look forward to your visit.



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