We operate autogiros with a range of 450 to 600 kilometers. These aircraft are also known as gyroplanes and have a minimum of 75 kilometers of additional reserve. Our operative ceiling is 12,500 to 14,500 feet. All pilots have a commercial pilot license registered under the General Civil Aviation Authority and have logged a minimum of 250 hours flying time with at least 250 landings, as required by law for such activity. Our insurance policies cover over $ 500,000.00 total coverage.

Selva Air
Selva Air

The scenic flights include communication between pilot and guest, as well as with other aircraft and control tower at the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) in San Jose. We fly only with open flight plans as required by aeronautical law, and the tours are operated in Spanish, English, German, and French.

With FLY WITH US – Selva Air you will explore - from a bird’s perspective while flying over the Selva Bananito Reserve - primary forests of unique scenic beauty and importance as the source of water for 100,000 inhabitants. This is the habitat for jaguars, pumas, and many more critically endangered species.

Selva Air

Additionally, you will fly over the mid-Caribbean coastline, where you will see Isla Uvita, where Christopher Columbus gave Costa Rica its name. For those interested in getting to know the beauties of our Caribbean: a flight to Cahuita National Park or even Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuges is possible as well.

Selva Air

For the explorers, you may want to get to know the Catarata Roja with 550 meters of drop in high Talamanca, which is the highest Waterfall in Central America. Another option is the Ayil Waterfall in lower Talamanca which is the waterfall with the biggest water volume in Costa Rica. Both flights take place over Indigenous Reserves.

Flight Options:

At Selva Bananito Lodge:

Our base is the Finca Manu airstrip (MRFM) at Selva Bananito Ecolodge, 11 km west of Bananito Norte.  Serving guests and day visitors to the ecolodge, our gyrocopters provide an ideal overview of the reserve.

Reaching the reserve’s entrance can be done with a 4x2 vehicle. Direct access to the landing strip requires 4x4 as there is a river to be crossed (we do offer additional transfer services to and from the airstrip).

Special introductory rate: rack $140.00 per person (30 minutes, 2 person minimum, sales tax included).

Raft & Fly:

Departing San José, you will spend a full day of rafting on the Rio Pacuare, after which you will be transferred to the Selva Bananito Ecolodge where you will spend the night. After breakfast the following day, you will experience a minimum 30 minute flight over the reserve as well as one of Selva Bananito's ground tour options. After lunch, guests not staying longer at the reserve will continue on to their next Caribbean destination. From just $295/pp.

Fly & Raft:

This package takes you in the opposite direction: From your Caribbean starting point, you will transfer to Selva Bananito Ecolodge where you will enjoy a minimum 30 minute flight above the reserve, followed by one of our ground tour options. After a night at the lodge, the following morning you will depart for a full day of rafting on the Rio Pacuare. From just $295/pp.