Nature and Adventure Tours

We invite you to take advantage of our tourism services, even if you choose not to book one of our nature based and adventure oriented "designer" packages.

We specialize in sustainable tourism packages with nature & adventure in mind. Even if our center of attention is focused on Costa Rica's and Panamas Caribbean region, you are welcome to use our services in order to design your own personal travel program anywhere in Costa Rica or Panama as well.

We can help you with hotel reservations, car rentals, one day tours, ground transfers and inland air transportation. You are welcome to inquire about areas and regions to stay at, national parks to visit or activities to take part in.

It will be a pleasure to make your Costa Rica Vacation dreams come true!


Discover the natural beauties in the Caribbean. Our Caribbean... There are no words that even begin to give merit to the scenic beauty or to the experience.... All of this is possible from the heart of the Caribbean. Selva Bananito.

Bird Watching

With 12 different life zones, ranging from mangrove areas to cloud forests and ranging from dry forests to tropical humid rain forests, you can be assured that birding Costa Rica is second to no other bird watching destination in Latin America.

Tree Planting

Become part of our growing reforestation project. We have planted hundreds of tropical hardwoods on the part of our land originally cut down by banana plantations in the 1800s. By creating corridors back into the rainforest we hope to provide more habitat for wildlife.


At Selva Bananito Ecolodge & Reserve, we cater for all hikers alike, from beginners to intermediate levels all the way to advanced levels of hiking. We invite you to find out for yourself why at Selva Bananito we offer the best hiking in Costa Rica.

Adventure Horseback Ride

Our most thrilling horseback ride to La Cristalina and into the primary rainforest. A rare opportunity to view the jungle on horseback, this tour is as exhilarating as it is challenging.

Farm Horseback Ride

We at Selva Bananito Ecolodge fit right in with this equestrian tradition as we offer several horseback riding options and tours suited for all levels of experience, from the beginners to the advanced horseback riding enthusiasts.

Adventure Waterfall Tour with Rappel

On our most physically demanding tour, you’ll hike upstream, making over 60 river crossings, and have the option to rappel down our 80-foot waterfall.

Canopy Platform – Zipline Tour

View the primary rainforest from our 100-foot high platform and experience the adrenaline rush of a zipline.

Intro to Tree Climbing

Learn the ropes of how to climb a 30 meter “broccoli” tree using a secure system of harnesses and ascenders, then hang out under the treetop for an unparalleled view.

Jungle Tree Climbing

Hallowed out and the immense buttresses of a centuries-old royal mahogany. Climb a 130-foot ascent for another incredible canopy view.