Responsible Traveler Code

Twelve recommendations of how behave as a responsible traveler and promote sustainable practices during your visit to Costa Rica:

  1. Contract services or buy products that promote responsible environmental and social practices, as well as supporting local communities.
  2. Be informed of the destination that you are visiting, the characteristics of the country.
  3. Avoid the disturbance, abuse or extraction of the wildlife.
  4.  Please do not throw away garbage; kindly apply waste recycling practices in the areas    designated for waste separation.
  5. You must respect the capacity established in natural areas.
  6. Respect the authentic cultural behavior and traditions of the local communities.
  7. Walk quietly and not disturb the environment in natural areas visited.
  8. Do not feed the animals or take pictures with flash.
  9. Activities that disrupt the state of the natural cycles of ecosystems are strictly prohibited.
  10.  Report child prostitution and drug use.
  11.  Promote and cooperate with the protection of local culture the conservation of nature.
  12. In support of the country you visited, actively communicate to friends and family all your experiences in the realm of nature and in closeness of the local population.